Welcome to Mom’s Kitchen!  We are a home-style restaurant specialized in Taiwanese and Chinese food located in South Salt Lake, Utah.

The story all began with two moms meeting with each other:

Mama Chen (Taiwan) and Mama Zhang (China) first met in 2010 in Salt Lake City.  The two moms quickly became good friends and found out that they both had a great passion about cooking.  They wanted to open up a Taiwanese and Chinese restaurant that had the best home dishes of their countries.  For Mama Chen, Taiwanese snacks (Small Eats) were dishes she missed the most about Taiwan and she barely could find them at any Chinese restaurants in town.  She started to make those dishes on her own and gained a wide popularity from family and friends.  Besides cooking, she also loves to bake pastries and cakes.  Mama Zhang, a native of Beijing, makes delightful noodles and buns that best represent Northern Chinese food.  Her pan-fried stuff buns are recently chosen as “Dish of the Week” by Salt Lake Tribune.  In addition to Taiwanese and Northern Chinese food menu, we also provide a selection of China wok menu.  At Mom’s Kitchen, everything comes from the best ingredients.  Moms believe that they should only bring the best to their customers, just like what they would make for their families and children.

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