A Free Cold Drink on a Hot Day!!

Print and present this coupon on your visit for a FREE winter melon tea (冬瓜茶)!  ´∀`)つt[]  Limit one coupon per person per visit. No valid with other offers. No cash value. Expires 07/18/2015

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Three Cup Chicken 三杯雞

“Three Cup Chicken”, literally means chicken with three cups of different sauces (soy sauce, rice wine, and sesame oil).  It’s a specialty of Taiwanese cuisine and has been one of the most popular dishes at Mom’s Kitchen! 


Three Cup Chicken 三杯雞

Three Cup Chicken 三杯雞

Shaved Snow Ice 綿綿冰

Look at what we have brought to Salt Lake City this summer? It’s the shaved snow ice that everybody loves in Taiwan. Now we have two flavors to choose: 1. milk with mango topping 2. green tea with red bean topping.  Come try it before it’s out!


Shaved Snow Ice with Mango 芒果牛奶綿綿冰

Potstickers 鍋貼

Our potstickers are freshly made by order.  It takes about 15 min to be done so place the order as soon as the waiter comes to greet you!


Potstickers 鍋貼